Setting up your DSLR, mirrorless or compact camera as a webcam can be a bit of a fiddly process involving weird workarounds or even extra hardware. Plenty of people use their Canon DSLRs and mirrorless cameras as webcams, but up until now you needed third party software or a capture card to do so. However, a well-known camera company Canon launched free software to use your camera as a webcam.

In an announcement made on April 28, Canon revealed their new EOS Webcam Utility Beta Software that lets you use “select EOS Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILC) and PowerShot cameras” as a high-quality webcam for video conferencing or simply a video recording device. The beta software is a plug-and-play option for users who either don’t have a Canon camera with clean HDMI output, or don’t want to use fiddly hardware or software to do so.

Canon launched free software with a goal to reduce some of the remote workday stress for employees who have to do video conferencing and virtual meetings. “In unprecedented times, it’s imperative for Canon to provide our customers with useful, simple, and accessible solutions to assist them in whatever imaging needs they have,” explained Tatsuro Kano, Executive VP of Canon USA, as part of the announcement.

EOS Webcam Utility works over a USB connection rather than HDMI but it’s major catch is that it is only available for Windows OS.
This piece of software is already compatible with all of the cameras below:

Free Software To Use Your Camera as a Webcam

To learn more about this option, check out the demo video up top, or go download the beta today. Once you have started to use it, you can find tips or provide feedback on the Canon Support forum.

Have you tried Canon’s new software? Do you want other camera companies to do the same?

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